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Title:  Readjusting reality to fit your needs
Rating/Warning: pg
Parings: HanHae
Word Count: Word says  2,960
Disclaimer because people seem to think ts needed: Last time I checked I owned myself and no one else
Summary: Hangeng Is new and unpopular. He changes that for a few days.

A/N: I don't even know what this Is I just started writing and this is the outcome :/
from random pairing generator. for 13fireflies If she wants It Sorry for any mistakes I blame the public school system for not teaching proper grammar and spelling when I was there

It was Hangeng’s first day of high school. Well not really but he seemed to think so. It was his first day of high school in Korea.

He braced himself as he walked up the stairs into the school. He just knew he was going to be labeled ‘the new kid’ when people saw him. It didn’t help his Korean wasn’t the best. He was right. When the first few people saw him walk past him they started whispering to each other.

He was lucky the office wasn’t hard to find. He slipped in trying to be inconspicuous, but students were still whispering. He looked around the small office and saw a secretary. He walked up to her thinking of how to ask her what he needed when he heard shouts and laughter from the hallway.

He turned to see what all the yelling was about when he saw a teacher and a student. The teacher was scolding said student for… stuffing wet toilet paper in people’s lockers?

“Donghae I’m getting tired of teachers calling me for your disruptions. We’ve been in school for two weeks already and you’ve managed to change the clocks, cancel your afternoon classes, you never wear your uniform correctly, and you’ve managed to get Mr. Park to think Mr. Kim is in love with him!” the teacher rambled pulling the student- Donghae?- into the principal’s office.

The secretary chose that time to look up and see Hangeng, “Do you need something?” The elderly lady said.

“Umm… Yes, I am new.” Hangeng smiled thinking about the right Korean words to say, “I need a… schedule?”

The secretary smiled, “What’s your name?”

“Hankyung.” He said and she began to type.

A few minutes later she handed him his schedule and a map, “This should help you find your classes. If you need any help just ask a student or teacher. They all are pretty nice.”

He smiled and began to thank her when the principal and student walked out of the office, “You have detention with Mr. Park this week and Mr. Kim next week. Don’t be late and you have to apologize to both teachers.” The principal spotted Hangeng, “Is this the new student?” the secretary nodded, “Donghae walk him to class and don’t be rude.” He turned back into his office before Donghae could protest.

Donghae rolled his eyes, snatched the papers from Hangeng’s hands and walked out before Hangeng could introduce himself. He followed Donghae quietly to the class room. They stopped right outside the doors and Donghae gave him his papers back before walking into the room with a cool smirk on his face.

Hangeng nervously walked into the class. The teacher didn’t even notice him; he was too busy scolding Donghae for being late, apparently for the fifth time in two weeks.

“Will you chill Mr. Park? I was escorting the new student to class.” Donghae rolled his eyes sitting down in his desk.

Mr. Park turned to the door and saw Hangeng standing awkwardly with the students’ eyes on him, “Oh he was telling the truth for once.” The teacher smiled showing one dimple, “Please introduce yourself.”

Hangeng bowed nervously, “Hello… I am Hangeng- I mean Hankyung.” He stuttered and the students snickered, “I am from China and I hope you all can accept me and help me improve my Korean.”

The teacher smiled, “Hankyung you can sit,” he looked for an open seat not by Donghae, “by Ryeowook!” He said a little too cheerfully.

Ryeowook jumped up and the mention of his name, “Here!” the other students laughed openly.

“Ryeowook we are not calling roll. It’s a good thing you’re here but could you please stay awake?”

“Sorry Mr. Park. You do know I have narcolepsy right?” He said blushing.

Mr. Park rolled his eyes, “Sure you do only in this class. Move your stuff so Hankyung can sit by you.”

Ryeowook quickly moved his bag off the empty chair and laid his head back on his history book. Hangeng was confused wasn’t this the Korean class?


His day didn’t really go well. After his Korean class he took out his papers and saw the map the secretary gave him was missing. He got lost going to most of his classes so he was late. He was forced to introduce himself to all of his classes and stumbled over his Korean every time. People were still whispering and he knew it was about him because they began to get brave enough to point at him. He was a foreigner, not a blind man.

Two of his teachers were named Mr. Kim; one was his crazy Chemistry teacher with shoulder length bright red hair, and the other was his Gym teacher, a big muscular man. He wondered which one Donghae had made Mr. Park think liked him.

Donghae. It didn’t take long for Hangeng to realize Donghae almost ran the school. Well the student’s at least. He had three classes together and only one of the teachers, Ms. Jung Geometry, actually liked him. He figured It was because Donghae played the part of ‘cute and innocent’ well in front of her.

He was anything but cute and innocent. The loudest whisperer, which wasn’t actually a whisper- more like yelling down the halls-, was Donghae. He never spoke nice things about Hangeng either. Some of the students would talk really fast in front of Hangeng just to confuse him.

By the time he reached his last class he was tired of Korean school. He just wanted to go back to China and hang out with his two best friends. The bell rang and he quickly gathered all his books, and it was all of them; he hadn’t found his locker yet, and walked out the door behind the other students. He needed to find his locker so he knew where to put his books tomorrow morning.

He found his locker by his first class and smiled to himself as he began walking to the closest exit. He was minding his own business when he felt something wet and somewhat slimy hit the back of his head. He stopped in his tracks and touched it. He looked at the mess in his hand; it was paper, glue, and… lunch? He looked around and saw Donghae with his group of friends laughing. He looked back down at the paper and saw it was a map.

That’s it something needed to change.

** **

Donghae woke up extremely early the next morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. So he got up and got ready for school then made breakfast for his family.

His mom was surprised to say the least, “Donghae why did you make breakfast?”

“I don’t know… I felt like it?” Donghae said grabbing his bag and heading to the door, “I’ll see you later mom!”

He walked next door to make sure Eunhyuk was ready to walk to school. When Mrs. Lee opened the door she glared at him and slammed the door in his face before he could even greet her.

He decided not to wait for Eunhyuk and just walk to school by himself. He felt strange walking by himself; like something had changed. He shrugged it off and continued walking to school.

When he entered the building students began to whisper, some even glared at him. He was confused. Then he saw Eunhyuk and Shindong walking towards him.

“Hey guys!” He said when they were close to him.

“Umm… why are you talking? Go away,” Eunhyuk said glaring at him, Shindong pushing him aside.

Donghae was really confused, weren’t they his friends since like birth? He was in a bigger state of confusion when the new kid Hankyung walked in and all his friends crowded around him. He saw Eunhyuk and Shindong goofing off with Hankyung like they did with him yesterday. What was going on?

He gave up even trying to understand and walked to his locker alone. He was disappointed when he got to his locker though because there was graffiti all over it. The other lockers were perfect except for his. When he opened it wet toilet paper fell out onto his shoes. The students around him saw and started laughing at him. He sighed, got his books and walked to his first class. Today was going to be a long day.

In his first class, instead of Ryeowook having ‘narcolepsy’ he did. Mr. Park yelled at him more than once about falling asleep and he got even more detention. Mr. Park even called on him for answers when he knew he wouldn’t know. Donghae was a stuttering mess when he tried to answer and the class would giggle at him.

Gym wasn’t any better. The normally easy two mile run was too difficult. Instead of being one of the first ones to finish he was the last to finish. Mr. Kim gave him a disapproving look as he walked into the changing rooms. There he saw Eunhyuk again and smiled. He was about so walkover to his friend but stopped when he saw Hankyung with him.

Hankyung had been making snide remarks about him that made the other students laugh and make fun of him all day. So he quickly grabbed his things from his locker by the pair and changed on the other side of the room.

Instead of sitting at the normal table with all his friends and then some for lunch he ended up tripping over his feet and losing his lunch causing the whole lunch room to laugh more at him. He decided to go to the place where no students would be; the roof. He sat up there in the silence not eating just staring at the clouds in the sky wondering why today was so different from yesterday.

Before he knew it he fell asleep and was late for geometry. At least Ms. Jung liked him enough to let his lateness slide, or so he thought. She gave him detention and a pop quiz. He failed the quiz.

When the final bell rang he sprinted out of the room and was almost out of the building when Mr. Park stopped him, “You have detention with me Mr. Lee.”

Donghae groaned but followed Mr. Park back to the class, “what am I going to be doing today Mr. Park?” he asked and sat down.

“You can clean this class room.” Mr. Park said sitting down to grade papers.

Donghae nodded and got the cleaning materials out and began to clean the room. Mr. Park made him clean the room twice before he could go. When he pushed the ajar door open a mixture of syrup and glue spilled on top of his head and down his body. He heard snickering from down the hall and saw Hankyung and Eunhyuk holding hands and laughing at him. He turned to tell Mr. Park but he was laughing at him also.

He gave up and went home.


The next morning was about the same for Donghae except he wasn’t looking forward to school. He didn’t make breakfast and he didn’t wait for Eunhyuk. The walk to school felt longer and lonelier than yesterday; like he had been an outcast all his life.

At school he opened his locker and expected to have more toilet paper fall out but nothing happened. People were pushing him in the halls one even slammed his locker closed before he could finish getting his books.

His first class wasn’t too bad. He only fell asleep once and he wake up to Mr. Park yelling at Ryeowook. He was pretty much ignored most of the class. It was like he was invisible.

Gym still sucked. They had to run two miles again. This time he was last because he kept tripping; whether it was over his own feet or others. Mr. Kim just ignored him; well he ignored the entire class looking at his phone every few minutes. Donghae wonder what that was all about.

In the dressing room he saw Eunhyuk and Hankyung sitting really close together whispering to one another. Donghae thought they were sitting a little too close together. They looked up when they heard him slam his locker and smiled at him. Eunhyuk looked like he was going to say something to him but he just glared at the two and stormed off.

He didn’t even go to the lunch room for lunch. He didn’t feel like trying to get food and something stupid to end up happening.

He was lying on his blazer looking at the clouds when he heard the door open. He was hoping who ever walked on the roof would just go away but he had no such luck.

“Why are you up here?” An accented voice said from behind him.

He turned and saw Hankyung, “Because I don’t want to go to the lunch room.”

“Eunhyukkie wanted you to eat with us today.” Hangeng said sitting down by Donghae.

Eunhyukkie? Since when did Eunhyuk let people call him that, “I don’t care go away.”

Hangeng smirked, “some one’s jealous? I didn’t think you were the type to like your friends.”

“I don’t.” Donghae said looking at Hankyung, “wait with the way he has treated me we’re not friends. Nowhere close to friends. I’m no one’s friend.”

“That’s a lie and you know it. You’re Popular!”

“No I’m not you are.”

“Hangeng smiled bitterly, “I won’t be tomorrow.”

Donghae’s eyes widened, “what the hell are you talking about?!”

“I-I-never mind. Just wait for Eunhyuk tomorrow. He wanted to walk with you this morning.” Hankyung said getting up, “oh and class is about to start.”

Donghae followed Hankyung off the roof but didn’t understand what he meant. Nothing exciting happened for the rest of the day. No one pushed him in the halls but some did smile and greeted him. He was so confused.

In detention with Mr. Park he wasn’t alone Hankyung was there. Both ended up having to sit quietly the entire hour doing homework that Mr. Park made sure they did. About half way through someone’s phone went off. Donghae and Hankyung looked at each other before looking at Mr. Park. The teacher opened his phone with a light blush that got darker as he read the message. Five minutes after that Mr. Park dismissed them. Donghae walked quickly out of the room before Hankyung could try to walk with him.

Eunhyuk was sitting outside of the school when Donghae walked out, “Hey”

“If you’re waiting for Hankyung he’s behind me somewhere.” Donghae said not even stopping.

“Why would I be waiting for him? I wanna walk home with you!” Eunhyuk said getting in step with Donghae.

“Why we’re not even friends? And aren’t you supposed to be Hankyung’s boyfriend?” Donghae glared at the smiling boy beside him.

“We’ve been best friends since we were like born! Besides he likes someone else and so do I!” Eunhyuk said wrapping his arm around Donghae’s waist.

Donghae was really confused. Wasn’t he a loser in school? No one ever paid attention to him. Not like this any way. Eunhyuk just kept talking to him like they had known each other for years and Donghae just smiled and nodded at the right times. His head was hurting by the time he got to his house.

** **

Hangeng woke up dreading school. He wondered If Donghae had already figured out what he had done. He didn’t really mean to change the past few days; it just happened.

Okay maybe he did want to change it. Except he never thought it would actually happen! It didn’t always work especially when he had a selfish reason to change everything. He just didn’t understand, and it wore off faster than normal this time.

And why was Donghae the only person that noticed when things changed? That had never happened before. He had told Eunhyuk everything; being able to change how things were for a short period of time and no one noticing it. He even told him he liked someone at their school even though he had been to their school for only two days and he hadn’t even had a chance to openly talk to him.

Eunhyuk just laughed and said he was strange. He was expecting that. Only two people had ever accepted his ‘abnormality’ as his parents called it.

He didn’t expect for Eunhyuk and Donghae to greet him openly when he walked into school. Eunhyuk was the reluctant one and Donghae tried to talk to him like they had known each other their entire lives. He didn’t mind; he was just confused.

As the day went on he was not picked on at all. He figured there would be tons of people picking on him because Donghae remembered being picked on but it was the opposite. He even sat with Donghae and his friends for lunch.


It was a few weeks later and Donghae and Hangeng were almost inseparable. Eunhyuk had confessed to some lower classman named Kibum so they had a new addition to their group. Donghae didn’t mind, it just annoyed him that Eunhyuk got a boyfriend before himself. He told Hangeng this.

“Then get yourself a boyfriend,” Hangeng had said, “I’m sure there Is some one that likes you.”

Donghae frowned, “Yeah but I’m not sure If he even likes me. I mean I was so rude to him when I first met him.”

Hangeng smirked, “You never know unless you try.”

They sat in silence for about five minutes before Donghae leaned over and put his head on Hangeng’s shoulder, “ok then, be by boyfriend?”

Hangeng smiled, “Of course I would love to.”


A/N: This Is probably the most Incoherent thing I have ever wrote I don't think It matches the prombe either :( and It took me three days of pecking -.- Bad luck writing this fic I swear, first my hands were stiff I had to peck, then my fingers and wrist went numb -.- now I have a migraine… But you should comment and tell me how bad or good this was :/ I like the criticism! It makes me feel like people read my fics ^^;

PS: Sorry for the sucky ending that's the migraine talking -.-;

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  • (no subject)

    ** It’s been two years since Sungmin died. Hangeng couldn’t take working at the hospital after Sungmin and Dr. Ryeowook died there…

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