July 6th, 2015


I am so flipping nervous

So... I don't even remember when I last made an entry on here... But I sadly have stopped writing for now.

Update on what is my life:
I'm engaged! Yay!
I passed nursing school (yay) and unfortunately did not pass my first try on my NCLEX... And I got so depressed. I quit my job and gave up. My fiancé was amazing. He stuck through the depression. He kept me alive.
So after a few months I woke up one day and had a wake up call. I gotta get back to it! So I got a job at a nursing home (worst decision of my life) worst 6 months! And I got back into studying.
So long story short (about the nursing home) I put in my two weeks and applied for a job at another hospital! I got the intern position! But not really because I'm still treated like a CNA... But I do get to start IVs, Foley's, NG tubes, and occasionally hang IV bags! The only draw back is that its a night position... I like it but I spend less time with my fiancé... Boo!
So I took my NCLEX again last Thursday. I was so nervous!! Omg! I could hardly eat!! After I was better though... And there is a quick results I can buy to see if I passed or not, but that tales 48 business hours to tell you... At 1:30 today will be my 48 business hours... I didn't want to tell anyone but my fiancé about it but I ended up telling my mom... And she just texted me to see if I passed or not... The butterflies are back... Its almost 10am and I can't get to sleep... I need to go to bed v.v if I don't I won't be able to get up when my fiancé gets home... I need to I promised to cool...

I just don't know what to do if I don't pass again... I think I would just die... Well here's hoping I pass!