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When people say "You made my day!" It makes my day :D
Forever love <3
10th-Dec-2010 12:22 am
Title: i just wanna read!!
Rating/Warning: g
Parings: ShinHae... Kinda? And other very well hidden ninjas (Can you guess them?)
Word Count: Word says 1,517
Disclaimer because people seem to think ts needed: Last time I checked I owned myself and no one else But I think they own me now D:
Summary: Eunhyuk just want's to read, Heechul talks to trees, and It's generally just crack from reading way to long hahaa
A/N: The book Is City of Ashes! It's a really good book to :) It's the one I'm stuck In at the moment! I'm like Eunhyuk In this and I did talk to a Christmas tree >.> After reading like 200 pages in one night

He flung his head up and looked around—

And saw that the night had changed. A glimmering net of thin gold wires had been flung across the sky, and the stars shone down through it, bright as nail heads hammered into the darkness. Jace saw the curve of the world as it slipped away from him, and for a moment was struck by the beauty of it all. Then the night sky seemed to crack open like a glass and pouring through the shards came—

“Hey! Give that back I was reading!” Eunhyuk said as someone pulled the book out of his hands.

“It’s ok. You know it’s not his fault you died. I’m so sorry those evil people cut you down just to be made into a book! You were doing a fine job supplying the world with oxygen.” Was all Eunhyuk heard watching Heechul walk away with his book; probably going to bury it.

“Well there goes another good book…” Eunhyuk said and then jumped when he heard a scream. It sounded like Donghae. In the bathroom. Oh no.

“No! No! Don’t make me go into that! I’ll drown! Please I have a good life! What did I do to deserve this?!” Yup it was Donghae.

He got up and walked to the bathroom thinking more about his precious book than his best friend taking a bath. Hey! He really wanted to know what happened!

“Oh well I’ll just have Hangeng steal It for me later.” He said to himself as he opened the door to see a half naked Donghae being pushed into the shower by Leeteuk.

“Donghae, if you don’t take a shower the aliens will abduct you and do more than put you In some water!” Leeteuk said and Eunhyuk rolled his eyes.

“Yeah right! Aliens don’t exist hyung! Everyone knows that! It’s just the American government covering up their space trash that’s floating in space and sometimes crashing onto the earth! I’m not going anywhere near that death trap!” Donghae said using hall his force to push Leeteuk away.

“Donghae, just get into the shower! One shower a week isn’t going to hurt you, and it’ll keep you from killing us with your body odor.” Eunhyuk said helping Leeteuk get Donghae into the bath.

“I think he smells fine,” came Shindong’s voice from the door.

“Yeah, but you think everything Hae does is fine. You’re practically in love with him.” Eunhyuk said. Shindong walked off with a red face and Donghae looked confused.


“It’s nothing Donghae just take a shower,” Eunhyuk said shaking his head at his friend’s idiocy and walking out of the room.


A few hours later Eunhyuk was looking for Hangeng, hoping Heechul hadn’t buried his lovely book, when he smelt something burning and shouts from the kitchen. He decided he should investigate, and maybe he would find Hangeng; he was wrong.

“You left the cake in the oven to long! Nice job! This Is why I cook In this house!” Yesung said getting what was once a cake—now a burnt brick— out of the oven.

“I’m sorry Yesunggie! I just wanted to make something to celebrate Henry’s first place swimming record when he gets home!” Ryeowook said looking at the ground. He looked like he was about to cry and Eunhyuk couldn’t stand a crying Wookie.

“Why don’t y’all make a cake for Henry together?” He quickly asked making Ryeowook’s eyes light up and Yesung to groan and roll his eyes.

“I guess we should, Henry will be home in about an hour and a half so we have time.” Yesung said turning to kind of clean up Ryeowook’s mess and start on a new cake.

“Yay!!” Ryeowook said jumping up and down and hugging Eunhyuk, who just smiled big, “thanks hyung!”

“No problem Wookie, now can I get some strawberry milk from the fridge?” Ryeowook nodded and let him walk to the fridge, “oh, by the way have you seen Hangeng?”

Ryeowook looked slightly sad, but shook his head; Yesung did the same, “Ok thanks!” and he walked off.

The next duo he saw where Sungmin and Kibum in the living room, “Hey guys,” he said but got little response, “Hello?” He said a little louder and they jumped.

Sungmin said, “What? I’m writing”

“And I’m brooding.” Kibum said glaring at the small booklet in his hand.

“Oh hush you’re the best person for the part!” Sungmin said smiling encouragingly at Kibum.

Kibum rolled his eyes but smiled, “Yeah, I know, but I don’t wanna act.”

“Have you two seen Hangeng around? Heechul stole my book and I want him to steal It for me.” Eunhyuk said cutting their conversation short.

“Nope we haven’t seen him all day,” Sungmin answered; beginning to write more.

“What are you writing?” Kibum and Eunhyuk said at the same time and Sungmin blushed.

“Nothing really…” Sungmin said getting up and quickly running to his room with his book. Kibum followed him laughing; forgetting his script.

Eunhyuk just shook his head and chuckled before going into one of the bed rooms and seeing Siwon, Kyuhyun, and Kangin, “Hey, have any of you guys seen Hangeng around?”

“No” Siwon answered immediately.

Kangin rolls his eyes looking in his pink dresser for a shirt, “Don’t lie Siwon. Yeah we saw him. I think he went to the gaming store to sneak back some game.”

“Yeah and bring back another stupid game” Kyuhyun spoke up glaring at Kangin’s pink game console.

Kangin rolled his eyes, “Whatever Kyu, just because you dislike gaming doesn’t mean you can deny a person’s simple pleasures in life. Hyukkie he should be home soon. Don’t worry too much about your book; I hid the shovels so Heechul can’t find them.”

“Oh thank you Kangin! Sometimes I think you and I are the only normal ones in this house,” Eunhyuk said smiling.

“Hey! I’m normal too!” Siwon said glaring at Eunhyuk’s back as he walked out of the room.

“Yeah when you’re not lying!” was all he heard from Kangin.


Eunhyuk found himself sitting in the living room reading a different book (on he had read five times already) when he heard the door open. Thinking it was Hangeng, he jumped up and ran to the door to see Henry dripping wet and Zhou Mi wearing an ugly purple shirt, bright red pants with neon orange shoes. He blinked at the two, “How was the swim meet?”

“It was amazing! I won first in all of my divisions again!” Henry said rushing past him and into the bathroom for a shower.

“Well that’s good” Eunhyuk said with a smile on his face and Zhou Mi laughed.

“Yup I think if he were to lose he would die.” Zhou Mi said.

“I think you’re right,” Eunhyuk turned to Zhou Mi, “Why are you wearing that?”

Zhou Mi shrugged, “It was the first thing I picked up this morning. Oh yeah I saw Heechul outside with one of your books, and he was talking to one of the trees again.”

Eunhyuk sighed, “Yeah I know; he took it from me while I was reading it earlier. I’m just waiting for Hangeng to get back so I can get him to steal it back for me.”

Zhou Mi laughed and smiled, “that sounds like Hangeng might enjoy that.”

“He better and they better not mess up my book in the process.” Eunhyuk said sitting back down in the living room picking up his book and Zhou Mi picking up the remote.


A few hours later Hangeng came in carrying a new game and Eunhyuk’s book, “Here Eunhyuk I thought you might want this back.”

“Oh thank you so much Hangeng! I was dying not knowing what happens!” Eunhyuk said jumping up, hugging Hangeng, and running to his room to finish reading without any disturbances.


There was something about his tone that sent a chill through Luke’s blood. He turned to stare at the boy next to him. “But—”

He didn’t finish. Jace had already—

“Damn it Heechul!” Eunhyuk shouted, “That’s it I’m getting an electronic book!


A few weeks later, Hangeng walked in carrying an electronic book and handed it to Eunhyuk, “Sorry about Heechul; you know how he is with trees.”

“Thanks Hangeng. Does it have the book I was reading on it?” Hangeng nodded and Eunhyuk smiled and began to read,

—already dived from the truck, in a single smooth movement. He splashed down in the filthy river water and struck our toward the boat, his strong kicks churning the water froth.

Luke turned to—

“What the—”

“Watch your mouth Eunhyuk! And you can’t read from this! The aliens will brain wash you!” Leeteuk said walking away with Eunhyuk’s stolen e-book.

Eunhyuk groaned and hit his forehead, “I’ll go find Heechul… maybe I can convince him the trees used to make the book gave people permission to cut it down… or the tree was sick… I’ll never get to finish at this point!” He walked in the direction of Heechul’s room.

A/N: Good crack? Bad? Idk I'm gonna go finish my book now lol

OHOH I have a twitter ^^ It'd be cool If you wanna follow me~ I'll follow back and we cold talk and you could see more of my randomness ^^; It's here

10th-Dec-2010 02:38 pm (UTC)
You! You better list who's who! Cause I'm too lazy to think! XD Well, if there's any characters change here such as Kangin being Sungmin or something

10th-Dec-2010 04:05 pm (UTC)
lol I didn't have very many character switches but Kangin did like pink like Sungmin does and Leeteuk was obsessed with aliens like Donghae Is... And I guess you could say Ryeowook and Yesung switched characters lol
Most of the Ideas were kinda the opposite of what people think of the members (Ie: Siwon being a lire, Donghae being afraid of water, and Zhou Mi having a bad fashion sense)
Eunhyuk and Heechul's behavior (Book obsessed and talking to trees) was based off my crazieness when I read too much and don't get alot of sleep lol
Kibum hated acting
Sungmin wrote poetry (Or fanfic If you look at It like that lol)
Henry was a competetive swimmer (cuz Its fun lol)
Hangeng was a klepto...
And Shindong had a thing for Donghae

Hahaa Thank you so much! I had to do something like this with all 15 of them! It wouldn't have been a good all member fic If I didn't! xD Kyu's hate for gaming was the only true opposite for him I could think of ^^; But It worked!

Thanks for reading and commenting! <3 especially commenting! ^^

14th-Mar-2011 10:38 am (UTC)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. personality switch!! i cant decide who i wanna laugh at more :D

i feel sorry for hyuk though. i can totally relate to that feeling. its so annoying when people keeps interrupting and taking the book away when you are so engrossed in it

thanks for sharing! =)
14th-Mar-2011 05:25 pm (UTC)
lol :DD

Yeah I can relate too! I was grounded from books before o.o;

Thanks for reading and commenting!! :D

14th-Mar-2011 05:34 pm (UTC)
OMG. me too xD my parents didnt just banned me from books. i was banned from setting foot into a bookstore for A YEAR. i went into ninja mode with my friend who has an unbelievable collection of books to read to make sure i survive my book draught xD
14th-Mar-2011 05:39 pm (UTC)
XDD They never did that to me... well maybe they did but not for a year! I would have died!! They did tell me I could never work In a book store. Said I'd have no paycheck because I'd buy all of the books xD lol Yay Ninja skillz!!

15th-Mar-2011 03:03 am (UTC)
HAHA. thats what they said too. that and the fact i wont be working anyway because i'll be too distracted by reading LOL. sadly, i havent been reading much since i got addicted to fanfics xD any recommendations?
15th-Mar-2011 03:31 am (UTC)
Aww I haven't read much lately besides school books ^_^; but the last series I read was The Mortal Instruments trilogy. And then there's a series by Robin Wasser that's good! The first book Is called Skinned.... Also a trilogy. And my friend got me hooked on Vampire Academy.... Fanfics are really my only source of non-school related reading I do because Most of them are short hahaa ^^;

15th-Mar-2011 07:51 am (UTC)
ooo Vampire Academy is good. At least its not a complete pile of sap and has enough decent action for a vampire series~ unlike Twilight. The first book was ok. But it got progressively weirder.... Haha. That's why I read fanfics too. ^ ^
15th-Mar-2011 05:41 pm (UTC)
lol I just started It and she thinks I'll like It because I like weird things o.O lol Twilight was.... okay. For a preteen series (Except for the last one o.o that one just got weird and not In the good way <.<;) I tried reading the House of Night series... but I didn't like the main character and I kinda figured out the entire plot early so I gave up on It -.-

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