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Title: Natural beauty
Rating/Warning: pg/ fluffieness, Cluless!Wookie
Parings: LeeWook
Word Count: Word says 6,608
Disclaimer because people seem to think its needed: I own the characters not the plot! Wait... that's backwards!
Summary: In a world where most people are genetically ‘fixed’ before birth, get cosmetic surgery when they reach the age of seventeen, or even made into ‘perfect’ machines, it’s hard for Ryeowook to fit in. He’s a Normal that moved from the country to the city. He never wanted to make friends with what he called fakes, but things have never really gone his way.

A/N: My Anatomy teacher talking about genetic enginearing and two book series gave me this Idea! And sorry to l_toxicated andstatic_abyss ! I so got distracted with studying for tests and this challange hahaa I'll leave y'all spots even though I don't think this Is y'alls genre xD It's the thought right?

  Ryeowook never understood the world’s fascination with beauty. His mother raised him in the country where many people didn’t have the money to become ‘beautiful.’ He didn’t often see the older Fakes around the main square they were normally in the next town partying. He did have some of the genetically altered ‘Pretties’ in his class. That was the cheapest procedure out of the three, and the only one you didn’t have a choice for.

When his mother met a Pretty going on Plastic named Jinki he knew nothing good would come of it. He was right. A few months after his mother had her first plastic surgery. She wanted him to go into surgery when he turned seventeen but he refused. He refused her so much he threatened to run away and she stopped bugging him.

About a year after his mother got her fifth surgery she married Jinki and they decided to move to the city where they could get away from the Normals and possibly convince Ryeowook to get surgery. He fought against the idea of moving to the city for as long as he could but in the end his mother was too far gone with becoming ‘pretty’ and they moved.

He’s now sitting outside of the principal’s office waiting for his schedule, the teachers and students stared at him, mostly noticing the mole on his cheek. Not many people had them now since the surgeries were available and even a two year old could get one removed. Ryeowook personally liked his mole-it made him unique-and he liked it when the principal gave him his schedule without a second glance, he was probably a Medal Brain.

Ryeowook liked to guess what people were walking down the halls at his old school, but here he saw that everyone is a Pretty some even beginning to be Plastic. They all began to look the same as he walked past them. They still stared at him and he ended up glairing after he got tired of the twentieth Pretty watching him.

He made it to his locker when he heard people running in the hall and shouts of, “EunHae get back here! You’re not supposed to have that!!”

Two pretties ran past him but another ran straight into him. Two of them were laughing and he felt something soft and mobile being slipped into his uniform pocket.

“We don’t have anything hyung--see.” One of them said and held his hands out; the brunet one that knocked him over.

Ryeowook looked at the duo, “excuse me but you put this in my pocket” he said standing up and holding out the small discolored mouse.

“What? no I didn’t” the brunet said looking away. The person they were running from paled.

“Donghae, why did you bring your ugly green and orange mouse to school?” the slightly taller person asked the brunet

“Hyung, for the thousandth time! He’s not my mouse! He just likes following me and Hyukkie! I swear!” the brunet said glaring at the mouse sniffing Ryeowook’s hand innocently.

“Yeah I’m sure he does,” the ‘hyung’ said finally looking at Ryeowook. “I-I’m sorry about them.”

Ryeowook mentally sighed. He guessed he was just going to have to get used to people stuttering and staring at him, he wasn’t going to become one of them just to get them to stop, “its ok. Every school has them; even the Pretty schools.”

The other two finally looked at them and their eyes widened. The red head spoke up, “you’re a-“

“New student!” The hyung finished, “I’m Leeteuk, a senior! Do you need any help finding your class…? Umm…?”

“Ryeowook, I’ma junior. I think help findin’ my class would be nice, hyung.” He said watching the other two- Donghae and Hyukkie- run off.

“You can call me Teukie hyung!” The excited senior said grabbing his hand and quickly walking in a random direction, “Those two were Donghae and Eunhyuk. Not bad students but they like to prank unsuspecting students. Now where’s your class? Can I see you schedule?”

Ryeowook gave the strange Pretty his schedule. Leeteuk look at It for a couple of seconds and exclaimed, “You’re class is by mine! That’s great it means I can show you to two of your classes! And we have music together! This way!”

He never thought he would meet someone so energetic in the morning he almost gagged.

Of course when he actually made it to his class he had to introduce himself and he received more stares; some girls even giggled at him. He didn’t get the choice to sit where he wanted; if he did he would be sitting by the window at his old school instead of by a Pretty named Yesung.

Ryeowook decided Yesung was a decent person when the older boy pulled out his notebook and- instead of taking notes- drew turtles and never got a wrong answer when the teacher asked him a question.

When the bell rang he took his schedule out and before he could even look at it Yesung took it from him, “Hey-“

“Look we have the same class next! I’ll walk you there” Yesung interrupted and walked out of the room before Ryeowook could get a word in.

Right when he left the room he saw Leeteuk and Yesung talking; well arguing, “I already said I would show him around and that’s what I plan to do Jongwoon.”

“We have the same class so you don’t have to do that hyung. Besides you just want to have the Normal kid all to yourself.”

Ryeowook was getting annoyed. Were all Fakes like this? Ok maybe not the mechanical ones they seemed not to care at all.

“I’ll walk myself to class,” he said snatching his schedule from Yesung and walking off. He didn’t want people to be his friends because he was Normal; hell he didn’t want them to be his friend at all!

“Come on let us show you around!” He heard Leeteuk say. They were obviously following him.

“No.” was all he said walking faster.

“You do realize you’re going the wrong way.” Yesung said beside him.

“I don’t care. I’ll find my way.” He glared at the duo and turned a corner.


“Look what you did I just want to be nice and help the new kid” Leeteuk said glaring at Yesung and pouting.

“Yeah right you just want to know a Normal-“

“No I don’t! And how do you know he’s a Normal? Have you even seen one with those high cheek bones? Have you even seen a Normal before?”

“Hyung were you not even looking at him?! Yeah I admit his bone structure is amazing but his nose is kinda on the small side and he’s not exactly tall or muscular. You would think his parents would have made him look more like a boy.” Yesung said walking to his class, Leeteuk following.

“Yeah… Well maybe they were expecting a girl?” Leeteuk said.

“Hyung if you’re going to alter your kid you need to know the sex of the baby first. Do you not listen in class?” Yesung said stopping outside his class.

“Yeah whatever, I’ll see you at lunch.” Leeteuk said walking down the hall to his class.


Ryeowook wasn’t that late to his class, he ended up following Yesung and Leeteuk to his class. He was upset that they were talking about him like that but what could he do? Pretties were just like that.

He didn’t have to introduce himself again but he did have to sit by Yesung again and this time Yesung passed a note to him, ‘Hey sorry about that. Leeteuk and I can be a bit crazy at times. Do you wanna have lunch with us?’

Ryeowook just ignored him and Yesung just kept passing him notes with the same question and apology on it until he got annoyed and passed a simple ‘no’ to the other boy.

He saw Yesung pout from the corner of his eye and started to give in; then he remembered he didn’t want to make friends let alone make a Pretty feel better because he ate lunch with him.

He walked right out of class and saw Leeteuk standing outside his class, “Hyung I can find my own way around the school. I’m a Normal not stupid.”

Leeteuk’s eyes widened, “you really are a Normal?!”

“Umm… Yeah. I don’t like it when people stare at me or want to be my friend because I’m a Normal. And I don’t want to be a Pretty or Plastic.”

Leeteuk followed him down the hall, “I really did think you were a Pretty that liked having a mole! I didn’t think you were really a Normal! I just wanted to be your friend.”

Ryeowook rolled his eyes, “Sure hyung, but I don’t want to be your friend. I don’t want to be friends with Pretties.”

Leeteuk stopped walking, “why?”

“Because I think what you do to your self is pointless and stupid.” Ryeowook said bluntly without thinking.

Leeteuk was stunned, how could someone so beautiful be so cruel? “You think I had a choice to be a Pretty? I didn’t do anything! It was my parent’s doing. I’m seventeen and I haven’t gone through any surgery to become a Plastic and I never will. I’ll never be a machine either! You think you know it all just because you’re a county Normal? Well you’re wrong, and I change my mind; I don’t want to be your friend anymore Ryeowook.” With that he turned and stormed off leaving a baffled Ryeowook.

His other classes went smoothly as one would go being a new Normal in a Pretty school. He didn’t see Leeteuk at lunch and he noticed Leeteuk slipped into their music class ten minutes late.

Leeteuk caught him staring at him and he glared at the younger boy. Ryeowook was starting to feel really guilty and wanted to apologize, but Leeteuk wouldn’t give him the chance.

He saw Leeteuk after school hanging out with Yesung, Donghae, Eunhyuk, and several others, “hyung!” he called, “Teukie hyung!” but Leeteuk ignored him and walked to his car.

“Hey! I’m talkin’ to ya hyung!” Ryeowook said when he caught up to Leeteuk right before he opened his car door.

“I don’t care; go away.” Leeteuk said getting into his car.

“Ok fine! I’m sorry I wasn’ thinkin’! I’ve just been so upset with this stupid move that I took it out on you sorry!” Ryeowook said not looking at him.

“Where do you live?”

“Huh?” was Ryeowook’s intelligent response looking up at Leeteuk.

“I’ll give you a ride home. Get In.” the elder said not looking at Ryeowook.

“Oh ok,” Ryeowook got in the car and told the elder where he lived. The drive was silent but it took only about five minutes.

When they pulled into his drive way his mother and Jinki were sitting on the porch. His mother got up and went to him as he was getting out of the car, “Oh my Ryeowookie! How was your first day of school? Who’s your friend with the nice car? He can stay for a while if he wants! Jinki and I were just about to pick up somethin’ to eat. Y’all want anythin’?”

“Mom, you talk too much,” was all he said before he turned back to Leeteuk, “Thanks for the ride. I guess I’ll see ya at school tomorrow?”

“Yeah, su-“

“ Nonsense! Come in and stay for dinner! You must be a new friend! I’m Ryeowook’s mother! You can just call me mom If you like!”

Leeteuk looked at Ryeowook nervously but Ryeowook just shrugged his shoulders, “Umm… If you insist, thank you ma’am. My name is Leeteuk.”

“Oh what a pretty name for a pretty young man! You two go inside and we’ll be right back!” She said motioning toward the door. The two of them walked into the house and took off their shoes.

“Sorry about that. She gets too excited sometimes. You don’t have to stay if ya don’t want to.” Ryeowook said standing up straight looking at Leeteuk.

“Its fine I can stay; unless you don’t want me to.” Leeteuk said blushing.

“No you can stay I don’t mind.” Ryeowook said and they fell into an awkward silence for what felt like forever. “Do-do you want to go to my room or somethin’?”

“Sure. I can help with any homework you have,” Leeteuk said following Ryeowook up the stairs.

When they got to his room Leeteuk’s eyes widened, “Wow your room is pretty cool!” He said looking at all the posters and pictures on the walls.

“Thanks, it’s kinda messy though.” Ryeowook said sitting on the desk chair and Leeteuk on the bed.

Leeteuk didn’t think so. Yeah there were crumpled up papers on the floor and some cloths here and there, but It wasn’t as bad as Donghae’s room and he said so.

Ryeowook laughed softly and got his books out, “You have a nice laugh. You should do it more often.” Leeteuk said and Ryeowook blushed and smiled. “Your smile’s nice too.”

Ryeowook’s blush grew darker, “thank ya. No one’s ever told me that. Of course no one’s ever confused me for a Pretty before…”

Leeteuk smiled, “Sorry If I offended you, but I really thought you were like me; a Pretty that wasn’t into surgery.”

“You’re not into that stuff?” Ryeowook was slightly surprised.

“No I think it’s annoying. Especially when they get tattoo surgery, I know it’s cool but Sungmin didn’t need to get that tattoo on his arm that shows his heart beat! I mean the only person who would want to know if his heart is beating is his boyfriend.” Leeteuk ranted, “Oh sorry you don’t know who I’m talking about!”

“It’s ok I think I do. Is Sungmin the one in pink?”

“Yeah that’s him, pink is his favorite color. He may look weak but he can kick your butt if you piss him off.” Leeteuk said.

Ryeowook made a mental note not to piss of the guy in pink. Soon after, they started on their homework with Leeteuk occasionally helping Ryeowook.

“I can’t believe you pretties actually study this.” Ryeowook said getting his book called ‘Surgery for Pretties: All the Information You Need Before Surgery.’

“Well I guess they don’t want us to get hurt or schedule too many surgeries in one sitting.” Leeteuk said, “I think the doctors should tell a patient about the surgeries. But all they want is a person’s money, not their safety.”

Ryeowook and Leeteuk heard a knock on the door and his mother opened the door, “Ryeowook, Leeteuk—dears Jinki is going to bb-q is that ok with y’all?”

“Yeah mom it’s fine.” Ryeowook said and Leeteuk nodded. His mom smiled and left the room mumbling about coming back with something to drink.

“You’re mom doesn’t call your dad, dad when she talks about him to you? My mother does.” Leeteuk looked confused.

“That’s because Jinki isn’t my dad,” Ryeowook turned away, “My dad got very sick just after I was conceived. They had to pay for all his doctor bills so I didn’t get ‘prettified.’ They were actually nervous I would come out ugly for awhile. And all of that left my mother’s mind when he got worse and died a month before I was born.”

“Oh Ryeowookie I’m so sorry I didn’t mean-” Leeteuk started.

“No its ok just don’t tell anyone or I’ll stop talking to you.” Ryeowook said with a sad smile.

“I won’t! I won’t…” Leeteuk started, “I actually have a secret. It’s not big or anything… well to a Pretty it is but it won’t be to you.”

“What Is It?” Ryeowook asked curiously.

“Come here.” Leeteuk said patting the bed and moving his hair around his ear.

Ryeowook was nervous. Why would he have to go closer to know a secret? But he moved closer and sat by Leeteuk anyway. Leeteuk moved his sandy hair completely away from his ear and motioned for Ryeowook to look closer. It didn’t take him long to see the small mole on the others ear.

“You have a-“

“Yeah! I always thought it was cool!” Leeteuk jumped on the bed excitedly, “No one knows I have it and its not gonna go away! That’s why I was surprised when I saw you!”

Ryeowook smiled, “I guess we have somethin’ in common after all.”

“Yeah and I’m not the only Pretty that isn’t gonna be a Plastic! Donghae, Eunhyuk and Yesung too! And a few others I’ll introduce you to them tomorrow!”

“That’d be cool,” Ryeowook said smiling at Leeteuk again and there’s another nock on his door, “Yes mom?”

“Dinner’s ready!”

“Ok thanks!” They both said at the same time. Leeteuk smiled awkwardly while Ryeowook blushed, and they both walked to the dining room.

They spent dinner with Ryeowook’s mother and Jinki asking Leeteuk embarrassing questions about himself, and when they found out he wasn’t the straightest arrow in the quiver they asked about his love life—or lack thereof. Over all the dinner was pleasant and Ryeowook almost felt like he was back at his old home. Almost.

Ryeowook’s mom hid her disappointment well when Leeteuk said he was never going to get surgery. Just leave it to her son to go to a new town and find a Pretty that wasn’t ever going to get surgery.


The next day Ryeowook woke up in a good mood and rushed to get ready but spent a few extra minutes fixing his hair before he ran downstairs and sat at the table with his parent’s for breakfast. His mother kept giggling and Jinki gave him knowing looks but he didn’t seem to notice because it seemed he was trying to win a speed eating contest before he ran out the door with a simple bye.

When he got to school he was stared at like yesterday, but today instead of Donghae running into him; Donghae literally glomped him.

“Hey what was that for!” He squeaked at Donghae as Eunhyuk helped the smaller up.

“It’s Donghae’s way of greeting. You’ll get used to it… Someday.” Eunhyuk said trying not to giggle at Donghae’s pout and Ryeowook’s glare, “So… Teukie hyung texted me last night and said you were our friend now?”

Ryeowook’s eyes widened, “He said that?”

“Yeah I guess he forgot to mention that once you were one of his friends you were our friend to!” Donghae said hugging Ryeowook around the shoulders.

“Ok Hae, stop molesting the newbie,” Eunhyuk said with a pout.

Ryeowook just stood there in his own world ignoring the two Pretties flirting. Was he really their friend? Did he really want Pretty friends? Well he guessed these were different Pretties—they wanted to be a Normal… like him. He guessed he could live with that.

The two Pretties stopped messing around when they noticed Ryeowook’s face go from confused to a bright smile in under a minute, “Dude you’ll fit right in!” Donghae said again and glomped the smaller one again.

“Donghae! Get off of him!” They heard a familiar voice and Ryeowook gasped for air dramatically.

Eunhyuk burst out laughing, “I guess Umma has found a new favorite. I guess Kyuhyun will be happy about that!”

“Oh hush!” Leeteuk’s face reddened, “Donghae get off the poor boy! We have to get to class!”

Donghae let go of him and smiled brightly before taking Eunhyuk’s hand and running off. Ryeowook finally turned and faced Leeteuk noticing Yesung and another boy standing together, “Hey.”

“Hey yourself,” Yesung grumbled leaning on the other boy.

“Sorry about him. He didn’t get his coffee this morning.” The boy said.

“Nor his good morning kiss,” Leeteuk smirked earning a light slap from Yesung and the boy blushing.

The boy stepped away from Yesung and bowed to Ryeowook before holding out his hand that Ryeowook nervously took, “I’m Kim Kibum, a senior, it’s nice to meet you Ryeowook.”

“It’s nice to meet you to Kibum hyung.” Ryeowook said smiling.

“Hey!” Leeteuk spoke up edging away from a glaring Yesung, “Your boyfriend is getting really cranky! I wasn’t kidding about that kiss either!”

Yesung glared at his senior and Kibum just smiled brightly taking Yesung’s hand, “Common Yesung let’s go get you some coffee, and leave Umma to his newest pet.”

Yesung just grunted in response and they walked away before Leeteuk could protest, “Why do they keep callin’ you Umma?”

Leeteuk jumped slightly forgetting Ryeowook was there and blushed, “It’s because I have a tendency to be motherly… Donghae called me that once and it just kinda stuck.”

Ryeowook smiled, “Well I’m not gonna call you Umma. It sounds strange!” And he skipped off.

Leeteuk just smiled and blushed walking to class. His blush faded but the smile lasted through to lunch.

Part two~

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