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Ok so I might finish that HanHyuk I haven't updated in like... forever. But who even cares?

I know I gripe after everytime I post a story but seriously! Am I that bad of a writer that you can't even leave a freaking comment! I work my butt of writing something that I think Is different and what do I get in return? No comments. And I'm not including the coments I've gotten on twitter about my fics... and those are so few also... But I'm greatful for the people that do comment...

Heck I'd be greatful for a comment that said, "Your story sucks!" Or a big "F*uck you!"

And I really do work hard on my fics. I try to do something new which is hard to do when It's all been done before. I even use my dreams to make a pretty decent story. Well... I thought they were decent.

I'm tempted to ask other authors to read and tell their readers about my work... but ehh. Would that even work? I guess now I understand why there are fics that I've read that are pretty darn good yet are never updated... I've seen their comments... not that many either.

And I don't even know why I'm crying over this.

Thanks for the few that do comment you make my day <3

Tags: bitch fit, lonley, readers
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